lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Make Me Go

This new pictures are from Ellenie's promo shoot for her upcoming single "Make me go"

Just pictures...

Some pictures that you should see.
Work, friendship, sweetness..

It's so LA

Our Ellenie looking beautiful surrounded by friends and fans in "it's so LA" red carpet.

Premiere Supperclub

Our Elle had a nice night with her friends and her brother Arthur.

Birthday Pictures

Two pictures of Ellenie having fun with her friends at her birthday party. She looks stunning in this pink bikini

New/Old pictures

Here we have some new/old pictures of Ellenie at her concert in City Walk 

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

¡¡Happy Birthday Ellenie!!

Hello everyone

¡Today is a very special day because is our Ellenie's Birthday!

I personally want to wish her a beautiful life full of health, love, luck and success

I created this blog a year ago, A year full of excited news and pictures about our HERO ELLENIE GALESTIAN

And I want to thank every single person who visited the Blog.
Please, keep showing your love to Ellenie, she deserves it

I'm VERY sorry, because I was busy and I couldn't upload more news and pictures
but I'll be back soon.

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Northern Cali

Ellenie has spended some days in San Francisco so here we have some pictures and comments that she uploaded on her Twitter

 "Driving down the Golden State Bridge with @LizzyRichardson & @arthurGalestian. #SanFrancisco :)"

"Early morning in Northern Cali with @LizzyRichardson"

"This is how we @arthurGalestian & @LizzyRichardson enjoy the city! Welcome!!!"

"Pic of our destination by the boats & water in Mill Valley! So pretty... Time to read some books & sip on Hot tea <3"

 "My new beautiful Pakistani sisters! Beauty of Meeting people around the world..."