miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

TITELLE Couture Fashion Shoot

¡Hey guys! 
Check out this new pictures of  Ellenie's desert shoot for French designer, Titelle Couture.

Ellenie will be modeling funky and beautiful corset wedding dresses for a super fun and French themed fashion show Thursday, March 8, 2012 in Downtown LA. French designer, Titelle is having her first fashion show in the US at the Downtown LA Artwalk. 
She would love for you to go and bring some friends, Live art, fashion, music ans more!!
(Clic on the pictures to see it better)
Photo: by Emma Choussy Artistic Director

Hair: Ramses Ramses III

Makeup: Ivette Alison ‘Chimbola’ Hermann

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Anónimo dijo...

She's so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

•●✿Anna✿●• dijo...

Yes she is!!! <3 =D

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